Jodie Brown provides strong cross-functional communication experience.  With over 20 years working with diverse cultures, her expertise and experience are distinct in academic, corporate and aviation environments.  Through this, she helps her clients improve leadership performance, manage productivity, improve business processes and increase customer satisfaction.



Aviation consulting services include the following:

  • Leadership Team Audits
  • Leadership Team Development (Retreats)
  • Executive Strategy Planning Sessions
  • Tactical Inter-Departmental Goal Setting and Deployment
  • Process Mapping for Improved Delivery and Performance
  • Customer Service Audits
  • Customer Excellence Program Deployment
  • Sales Team Audit
  • Project Management (Define, deploy, train, coach)

Executive Coaching post New-Hire

Summit Solutions’ provides coaching for both the new hire and the hiring manager.  The first 60 days are the most difficult in the transition stage.  Professional coaching helps build the new relationship and achieve quicker results in the expected performance.