We understand that every aircraft manufacturer, service provider, and flight department requires different approaches and specific topics to address their objectives.

Together with our client, we define course objectives, design the content for adult learners, and develop exercises and case studies to challenge the paradigms that direct certain behaviors.

What separates us from the competition is that our training is delivered by professional educators who are trained to teach and also understand the aviation business.  We target the behavioral skills our clients need for business improvement.

After 25 years of delivering successful programs, our most requested topics include:

  1. Creating a High Performance Team
  2. Leading and Motivating Diverse Cultures
  3. Vital Communication Skills for Aviation Leaders
  4. Powerful Presentations
  5. Selling for Success:  Consultative Selling
  6. Trade Show ROI:  Strategy, Performance, and Follow Up
  7. Customer Service Drives Sales©
  8. Performance Evaluations for Improved Productivity
  9. Human Factors Training – quality and safe individual performance

The Summit Solutions development and training team will customize a performance-rich curriculum and delivery format based on your requirements and expected outcomes.  Please call 303.670.8178.